The Jabber Project:
Statement on IETF Activity

by Jeremie <>


Jabber <> is an open-source effort to create an open real-time messaging architecture that offers transparent compatibility with other real-time messaging services and protocols. Recent attention has been drawn to the real-time messaging market by the activities of Microsoft and AOL, as a result of this both parties have commited to support the efforts of the IETF IMPP Working Group <>.

IETF Support

Jabber is an open development project and is commited to fully support any open real-time messaging protocols, including the IETF recommended protocol. When such protocol is available, users of Jabber software and services will automatically be allowed to communicate with users of the IETF protocol. As support for the IETF efforts grows, Jabber is aiming to create a leading open-source platform around it's IETF support.

IETF Activity

The IMPP Working Group is currently entering the design phase for it's protocol. Developers of the Jabber Project have been following the creation of the existing requirements draft closely, and expect to participate in the development of the protocol within the IMPP group. Based on the requirements draft, the protocol already used internally to Jabber is an existing possible candidate for the recommended protocol. As the IETF activity in designing the protocol continues, Jabber will be aligned as closely as possible to the discussions and requirements, and lobbied as a test platform for IMPP development efforts.

Any specific questions about this document or Jabber can be directed to the Jabber Development Team at <>.

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