JeremiadJ. Miller
 The Project
 June 2000



This is a spew by me of stuff on various topics, stuff I'm working/focusing on, whatever...

It just so happens there is a farily descriptive word close to my name: Jeremiad


Table of Contents


1. Introduction

Hopefully none of this gets personal, but this wasn't created for the general public either, it's for those that are helping get stuff done... so, if you continue reading, I fully expect you to jump in and help! it's only a revolution when everyone is participating, *grin*

Oh yeah, this material is likely to be outdated VERY quickly, buyer beware

PPS: just as fast as it's outdated, it's most likely not complete either, it's 4:30 am after all and who knows how far I'll get


2. Ping? Hello?

That's right, what the heck is going on? as a project has been a mess lately, some of the problem has been focused 1.2 development distracting most of the team, some has been the sucky web site, some has been various miscommunications and tensions between .org and .com, plenty of damn good reasons that are going to get fixed :)

So how are we going to fix this and get the project back on track? PARTY! erm... not really, but hey, if you feel like it, *g*. First focus: fix the web site so we have a central flexible dynamic friendly point to start talking to the world. Second: start talking... more status updates, better project indexing, more releases, MORE DOCS, and a major call for new developers and more PR material and cool demos that break or leave you hanging, enticing developers to fix or complete them (they'll hopefully pick it up and do it better or cooler than we could, and that's the point)


3. j.o web site

3.1 rough outline

 |__ IM Platform
 |   -> page containing overview of IM arch, links to jabbercentral, main clients, server releases, transports, other IM sites
 |__ OS Project
 |   -> main index of project listings, documentation, team, news
 |__ XML Framework
 |   -> page with links to parts of the documentation and other ideas and projects using jabber
 |__ Business
     -> page with categories and links to commercial vendors and adoptions

3.2 what is? (new home page)

What is Jabber?

- Open Distributed Interoperable IM Platform
 - Accessibility
 - Security
 - Management
 - Adoption

- Open Source Development
 - Server, Services, Gateways, Clients, Libraries, Architecture
 - News, Team, Developers

- Dynamic Services Framework
 - Presence and Data Management
 - XML Media
 - Application Services
 - Extensible Protocol and Namespace

- Business Marketplace
 (, and list other public company adoptions)
 - Software, Professional Services, Hosting

3.3 projects index

I was thinking something spiffy like BeBits (sans left column), almost a "yahoo" of projects or jabber development. It would contain categories for servers, clients, IM transports, services, libraries, components, misc stuff, brainstorming, integration projects, wireless, etc. It would also re-use the jabber user accounts and a trust-like mechanism as there is now, to allow very fast/easy access to update project listings and profiles, KISS principle of course.

3.4 team extranet

List the various contributing personalities/bios. links to places to find ppl (chat rooms, lists, project maintainers) and how to get involved. dynamic list of team contributed favourite sites, books, tunes, and quotes.


simple docu mgmt system, use j.o accounts. fetches .sgml urls (http or cvs) and creates local .html/.pdf copies (timed or demand), makes searchable, lists by popularity or freshness, shows maintainer(s), allow online editing of the .sgml and some starter base templates?


4. 1.4/December

libxode/libjabber absorbtion?
mio: all socket code converted
all transports as .so's

deliver fixes
	more flexible delivery logic (like for xdb namespaces or log types), _almost_ have an api for it
	smarter defaults (don't dup normal/xdb pkts, etc, use different logic systems instead of one generic one)
	intuitive jabberd linking (routing before packet type delivery, avoiding strange xdb/log multi-jabberd and naming issues)

	init new components
	shutdown and reload component notification
	.so reloading?

	snmp-like admin protocol?
	component management
	jsm, c2s, s2s, xdb

	replace iq:admin
	some other jsm features, account browsing and inboxes

	uri-based cgi-like exec'ing and .so loading
	smtp? telnet?



5. 2.0

stable pthreads, more io options (integrated poll, aio), full admin and reloading, more db backends, more components, jsx

new not-parser (tokenization, dynamic-nodes), dynamic hashes, other perf tweaks


6. j.o PR

I've been wanting to do a massive "project status update" outlining lots of things, not sure if it is feasable... here is some old notes pasted in:

development pace has picked up dramatically
overwhelming interest
resulting in weakened attention to web site, docu, and communication
call for developers and assistance to keep pace w/ exciting developments

Server Development
1.2 released, amazing adoption
list main features, point to announcement
very stable, but can be challenging to install/configure or develop upon
looking for help w/ platforms, packaging

new architecture, and planning a very quick new 1.4 stable branch in december
adds standard io layer, cleans up some artifacts
transports and services released for 1.4 as native components

Project Status Update
 - busy summer
 - toc summary

Server Development
 - new architecture
 - scaling
 - easier development
 - flexible administration
 - pthreads
 - embedding
 - personal server, packaged
 - xdb
 - srv
 - dialback hostnames         

Client Development
 - new windows clients
 - unix (jarl/gabber)
 - bonobo components?
 - josh
 - beos?
 - mac
 - mozilla 

Tools Development
 - libxode/libjabber
 - jabberoo
 - perl
 - python
 - macjlib
 - co 

Agent/Transport Development
 - groupchat (mailing list style w/ auto-archiving)
 - chatbot
 - aim/icq/yahoo/msn
 - imunified
 - simple(ietf)
 - sip
 - imxp    
 - dist JUD/freenet?
 - update
 - translate
 - rss
 - jive
 - irc
 - http/soap       

New Protocol Feature - new groupchat (name security
 - 0k auth
 - xhtml
 - message events
 - generic data storage, clients and agents
 - vcard
 - browsing
 - signatures/crypto
 - envelope (forwarding)
 - filteringinboxes  

Resource Guide
 - virgule projects
 - list of developers
 - cvs
 - docs.j.o
 - jpg
 - mailing lists
 - other jabber sites

Misc Notices


7. other shtuff

7.1 browsing

7.2 gc

7.3 http

7.4 smtp

7.5 rvp

7.6 sip

7.7 imxp

7.8 security/pki

7.9 josh