Jabber Milestones

Countdown till realtime Internet communication.
If you don't know where your going ... you can't get there.

PROJECT: Jabber client and server.

  • Milestone timeline is still being assembled! Features and target completion dates may still dramatically change! If you have any updates, please post to the jdev mailing list.

Milestone Target Completion Key Feature Highlights
0.9 Early January - Stable Server / Bugfixes
- Modules: basic, mysql, ldap
- Services: basic, http, irc
- Transports: Group Chat, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, IRC, SMTP
- Languages: Perl, Python, Java, TCL, Smalltalk
- Libs: libjabber, libetherx, jabberoo, jabberCOM
- Clients: Win32, Gtk/Gnome, Qt/KDE, Java, Squeak, html/javascript, ascii
1.0 January - Complete Feature freeze.
- Performance and Stability

Unplaced features:

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