Client Issues
Naming Issues
The following list seems like a good simple client list:

Roster Display issues
Be aware that the client should be able to hide/view/sort roster items based on various states: Other roster things to be aware of:

Message Issues is basically up-to-date, except for the tag which has been removed (per flush.html).
  • Clients should always default message sends to user@host, but allow users to select resources if appropriate for the client "level".
  • Replies to messages should use the full JID (inluding Resource).
  • Clients should always echo the tag if present.
  • Chat subjects may be changed (GUI wise) by sending a non-empty tag. The client should sense this and change the appropriate GUI element.
  • The client may support other alternative representations of the tag, the namespace of the extension tag should determine if "other" actions should be taken for this message. Should the "team" endorse one specific "rich-text" format?? RTF, HTML?? We should start to document the possibility for: text/html or something.

Client -> Client transfers
See the page for protocol stuff.