Jabber Documentation

Note: The following links are very outdated and provided here only for historical purposes! For current information, visit xmpp.org.

Old Jabber.org Documents

There are some interesting old documents here, but please do not consider them to provide canonical documentation about Jabber/XMPP technologies!

Offsite Documentation

Note: The following links point to pages outside jabber.org, most of which are probably broken at this point.

Client Developer's Cheat Sheet
Jens Alfke's informal tutorial guide for the perplexed developer trying to implement a Jabber client from scratch.
(Added by: Peter Saint-Andre on April 10, 2001)

Compiling 1.4pre2 w/ OpenSSL
Problems compiling Jabber 1.4pre2 with OpenSSL? This quick-fix might help.
(Added by: DJ Adams (qmacro) on January 25, 2001)

Fun With Jabber
Interested in programming with the Net::Jabber modules in Perl? Then start here.
(Added by: DJ Adams on December 22, 2000)

Group Chat Roundup
In a spin over "groupchat", "conferencing" and "conference"? Perhaps this overview of the protocols will help.
(Added by: DJ Adams (qmacro) on February 05, 2001)

Groupchat on 1.2
Quick notes on how to get Groupchat working under 1.2
(Added by: -dkap on December 30, 2000)

GroupChat Timeout: gc_pinger
Been unfairly timed out of a groupchat group? Could be the gc_pinger at work. Find out more here.
(Added by: qmacro on December 30, 2000)

Info on update.jabber.org
Still wondering about those pesky update.jabber.org messages in your server log. Enlightenment offered here.
(Added by: DJ Adams (qmacro) on April 16, 2001)

Jabber Client GUI Tutorial
This is a document I have put together that covers the user interface aspects of building a Jabber client. Suggestions/comments welcome.
(Added by: Mike Brown on September 23, 2001)

Jabber Config XML Reference
Overview of XML tags used in the Jabber server configuration file.
(Added by: Chris Josephes on July 29, 2001)

Jabber Error Codes
An overview of the error codes generated by Jabber servers
(Added by: Peter Saint-Andre on July 31, 2001)

Jabber info and How -To's
A small site of my own creation with some info and tips on setting up a server and some of the more complicated aspects of using Jabber
(Added by: Chris McDonald on July 12, 2001)

Jabber Wiki
A Wiki that allows anyone to contribute jabber based information.
(Added by: Peter Millard on December 21, 2000)

JabberCon 2001 Review
There seems to have been a lack of reviews regarding the recent JabberCon 2001 conference. Here is my quick writeup.
(Added by: Carlos Justiniano on August 30, 2001)

jabberd Startup
Wondered what happens with your switches and XML config when you invoke jabberd? Read on to find out.
(Added by: DJ Adams (qmacro) on May 09, 2001)

Net::Jabber 1.0021 - Gotcha!
Confused by error messages in your script after installing 1.0021 of Net::Jabber? This may help.
(Added by: DJ Adams (qmacro) on March 24, 2001)

Using Erlang/OTP and Jabber
Conference Proceedings on integrating Jabber with the functional programming Language Erlang to create load balancing and scalability.